How to Leverage My Credit to Scale My Business

During this workshop get an in-depth approach on:
  • How to Build Your Credit
  • Increase Your Credit Score
  • Remove Old Debt,
  • Leverage Your Credit Score

Shani Curry St. Vil can be seen as a guest personal finance expert on CBS Miami 4, a contributing writer for Black Enterprise and on Amazon as a published author of the book 10 Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Purse. Shani is passionate about inspiring women everywhere to focus less on how much their handbags cost, and more on the wealth inside of them! #PurseEmpowerment. Shani became versed in personal finance by boosting her own credit score to become a homeowner at the age of 22, spending a decade understanding financial products as a banker, deciding to skip out on a wedding and instead opting to partner with her husband in creating a real estate portfolio that now includes three properties which are all debt free. Shani is under 40 and has two boys ages four and six.