Brittani Millington

SpecialityModerator, Brand strategist and designer + founder of the BM Design

Brittani Millington, brand strategist and designer + founder of the BM Design. A new mother, a plant lover, and I love cultivating experiences locally and when traveling abroad aka trying all the food and museums.

Since starting my business I’ve had the joy of working with clients and brands like Squarespace, SOBEWFF® for 4 years in a row, City of WPB, Whole Story Studio, 1909, Foster+Glass, and more. In addition to being involved with the entrepreneur community 1909, in West Palm Beach, FL. I have a background in visual communications, education, and business. All of this has helped shaped what I know brands need and to guide them to where they want to be.

When I’m not locked in on my laptop I love to cook and discovering local areas. Doing those things not only gets me inspired but it is great way for me to unwind. Other things to know about me: I love the show “The Office” and I like to make up jingles at home

BM Design is a visionary supporter for emerging brands to transition from stillness into growth through strategy and design. My studio design for brands and help develop brands from the inside out. Our collaboration leads to the brand filling gaps needed and a well-designed brand from the core to the look and feel that builds value + trust loyal customers desire in brands.

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