De’Havia Stewart

SpecialityFund Manager, Anthemis

De’Havia Stewart is a venture capital investor, in which less than 1% of venture investors are black women. During her venture capital career, she has helped invest over $100 million dollars into black and brown founders, in which black and brown founders currently receive less than 2% of all venture dollars. De’Havia currently helps manage $1.5 billion dollars in her role as an investor at Anthemis, which is a leading FinTech venture firm. In this role, she also serves as a Board Observer for leading venture backed companies. De’Havia has also served on the investment committees of non-profit organizations HBCUvc and BLK Foundation, in which these organizations invest pre-seed capital into black founders in hopes of decreasing the funding disparities that these founders face in the venture capital industry. De’Havia began her career as a strategy consultant advising Fortune 500 companies across Retail, CPG, and Financial Services.

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