Ebony Smith

SpecialityExecutive Leadership Coach
BiographyEbony Smith, “The Resilience Architect”, is CEO of Ebony Smith & Associates, Inc. After 13 years on the oil trading floor, Ebony brings a straightforward, no BS approach to leadership development. Ebony is direct without being abrasive. Ebony knows that left-brain leaders need an equation to create a leadership style that uncovers and highlights their unique acumen. Leaders research ideas, thoughts, and processes to acquire knowledge on the topics, but rarely integrate the information. Ebony developed a proprietary YOUx model which combines a set of core principles, methods and tools help her clients design better interactions with the people who matter most. Ebony’s goal is to get her clients over their people issues so that they can focus on products, processes, and profits. She is WOBB, WBENC and NMSDC certified.

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by Ebony Smith

The Summit is put on by the Black Professionals Netwok (BPN) a 501C3 social learning organization focused on furthering the goals of our professionals. Our mission is simple – reduce the career achievemnet gap for professionals of color by providing them access to resources and opportunities for their overall success.

The Hustle and Grit panelists were phenomenal! Thank you to our moderator @vivianolo and panelists @da__castro @kadionp @johndsaunders and ...
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Lunch time! Gearing up for our next panel discussion
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