Elijah “Blockchain” Bowdre

SpecialityBlockchain Consultant
Chairman of the MDC Cryptocurrency TaskforceBlockchain consultant and international speaker, Elijah “Blockchain Bowdre” has been deeply involved in distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrency since its inception. After the financial crisis, Bowdre reacted globally and launched his brand strategy group with a partnership in Shanghai, China. Utilizing this platform, Bowdre trained and consulted small to mid sized U.S. enterprises on best practices to expand strategic relationships within China. In addition to analysing and synthesising complex market data to advise clients, Bowdre created original branding strategies for local and multinational companies. Today, Bowdre is the host of an educational TV series, The Bit Point with Blockchain Bowdre, and serves his community as Chairman of the MDC cryptocurrency task force, appointed by commissioner Keon Hardemon of District 5, using his breadth of experience to organize communities through education, advocacy, and technology.

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