Joshua Armah

SpecialityAI Engineer
BiograpahyJoshua Armah is a world-class A.I. Engineer & ecosystem builder known for being an individual contributor at many high growth companies implementing innovation through A.I. based in Silicon Valley. He has worked with startups to Fortune 500 companies at scale. Joshua privately experienced his first success in business at 21, as a co-founder in an ed-tech startup in stealth mode at 21 after building a back-end system which implemented machine learning to show patterns in uses behavior. Joshua is an expert at building highly scalable future proof systems. As a lifelong technologist, Joshua is focused on the global impact for several measures which allow technology to make the lives of users better. He currently is on a mission to help give access to unbanked people access to basic financial services. This led him to launch, Wiase Capital, an impact-focused venture firm solving this problem through many portfolio companies. Joshua Armah was exposed to many technologies as a child and was trained through S.T.E.M. education to have strong computational thinking skills which he still uses today. This has helped him achieve a practical approach in designing many solutions still being used today by users at scale. In his spare time, Joshua has managed to also become a self-published author for his book “Success Over Everything”, a self-help book designed to give urban teenagers and adults life skills which can be transferred to achieving their dreams. Joshua Armah has built his brand through being an active speaker on innovation and impact-driven technology at many high profile conferences/events. Joshua is a modern-day millennial pushing the agenda for innovation which can help the lives of our current and future generations of tomorrow. As a humble and experienced engineer, he is deeply focused on building a future we can all be proud of.

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