Jude Charles

SpecialityFilmmaker, Author, and Consultant

As a kid, I can remember my dad loved watching shows like NYPD Blue and Nash Bridges.

And because I wanted to spend time with my dad, I would stay up late watching TV with him.

Years later in life, I realized the lessons I learned by watching these shows. Lessons that taught me so much about the craft of storytelling.

It taught me how to search for clues that uncover the truth. How to be relentless in solving the puzzle. How to look beneath the surface of what people wanted you to see.

It taught me how powerful the right kind of evidence can be. I use these lessons to help you grow your personal brand.

The Summit is put on by the Black Professionals Netwok (BPN) a 501C3 social learning organization focused on furthering the goals of our professionals. Our mission is simple – reduce the career achievemnet gap for professionals of color by providing them access to resources and opportunities for their overall success.