Friday Workshops

10:45AMRoom 126

Recipe for Success with South Florida Foodpreneurs

  StartUP FIU is a university-wide initiative to foster innovation and entrepreneurship to pursue opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These opportunities include the development of breakthrough technologies, the pursuit of enterprises that close social or environmental gaps and the creation of companies that can create meaningful jobs of the future. Learn from these foodpreneurs  within their program at different business levels.  
10:45AMRoom 130
Michelle Mason
Michelle Mason


At the Center – LAW: Understanding its Relationship to Business, Government, and Industry

Lawyers are at the center of a host of different industries and understanding their purpose across businesses and government will assist business professionals learn how to leverage different attorneys and when is the best time to do so. In addition, this session is great for law students who are seeking to learn how to utilize their law degrees in various ways and hear from our expert panelist on how their careers developed over time.
  • Moderator, Rebecca Beliard, Associate at Akerman
  • Yolanda Cash Jackson, Partner at Becker & Poliakoff
  • Nikki Lewis Simon, Shareholder at GreenbergTraurig
  • Marlon Hill, Partner at Hamilton, Miller, & Birthisel
  • Michelle Mason, Senior Associate Dean, Clinical Education, Experiential Learning & Engagement Associate Dean for Enrollment at Florida International University
  • Charlton Copeland, Professor, University of Miami School of Law
10:45AMRoom 128
Carolyn Guniss
Carolyn Guniss

Executive Editor at The Miami Times

Working with South Florida Media to Tell Your Story

As a business owner marketing your company is key! However telling your story through radio, magazines, and newspapers can make the difference in resonating with an audience that not only loves your services or products but creates lifelong brand engagement.  As the old adage says "people buy you and not your business." Hear from Executive Editor of the Miami Times on how create a business that people resonate with.
2:15PMRoom 130
Lahteefah M. Parramore, CPA
Lahteefah M. Parramore, CPA


Stages of Securing Funding

Stages of Securing Funding,” workshop educates small business owners and entrepreneurs what is required to secure funding and how to become financially ready in order to do so. It will break down the importance of having qualified Certified Public Accountants, and the process to obtain credit worthiness and staying eligible to secure loans, business grants, and winning government bids.
  • Moderator, Lahteefah Paramore, CPA
  • Ashaki Bronson-Marcellus, VP and Senior Banking Sales Leader at BankUnited
  • Michael Sellinger, Director of Loans at Miami Bayside Foundation
  • MJ Green, Fund Manager, Opa-Locka Community Development Corporation
10:45AMROOM 124

The Hustler’s Mindset to Success

Getting into business isn't for the faint of heart. Some people naturally have the skill sets to grind and hustle towards major profits and well some need to be taught. No worries! During this session hear from our entrepreneurs with different journeys into getting into business with great success. Enjoy this conversation and learn the tricks of the trade of building the hustler's mindset.
  • John "Castro" Ramirez
  • Brock Louidor
  • Lex Pierre-Louis
2:15PMRoom 128
Shani Curry St. Vil
Shani Curry St. Vil

Personal Finance Expert

How to Leverage My Credit to Scale My Business

During this workshop get an in-depth approach on:
  • How to Build Your Credit
  • Increase Your Credit Score
  • Remove Old Debt,
  • Leverage Your Credit Score

Shani Curry St. Vil can be seen as a guest personal finance expert on CBS Miami 4, a contributing writer for Black Enterprise and on Amazon as a published author of the book 10 Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Purse. Shani is passionate about inspiring women everywhere to focus less on how much their handbags cost, and more on the wealth inside of them! #PurseEmpowerment. Shani became versed in personal finance by boosting her own credit score to become a homeowner at the age of 22, spending a decade understanding financial products as a banker, deciding to skip out on a wedding and instead opting to partner with her husband in creating a real estate portfolio that now includes three properties which are all debt free. Shani is under 40 and has two boys ages four and six.
2:15PMRoom 124
Jessica Tabbert
Jessica Tabbert

CEO of J.Gisele Events

Using Event Marketing to Drive Leads and Sales

This workshop breaks down ways to host and attend events to grow your business. - How to maximize event-based sites for optimal reach - Money-saving event tips - How to identify local and industry specific events to reach a targeted audience
2:15PMRoom 126
Stacy-Ann Samuels
Stacy-Ann Samuels

Critical Care Registered Nurse and Entrepreneur

Before You Entrepreneur

Through the struggles of entrepreneurship while working a 9-5, the value of intrapreneurship is often overlooked. There are strategies to utilize while being a member of the work force to assist in finding your niche without risking it all -- or building a solid foundation before you do. Share in a dynamic personal strategizing session with an emphasis on goal alignment, the importance of doing the basics well and extracting every ounce of value from your employer so that you can fly- whether it be in a new role, new company or on your own.
  1. Identifying how your personal goals align with the mission of your employer.
  2. Developing strategies to maintain high performance while extracting important information for successful business management.
  3. Creating self-management techniques to best maneuver in the position that matches your goals.