Ashley Caines

SpecialityHead of Web3 at AfroTech

A self-taught cryptocurrency swing trader since 2017, Ashley initially entered the web3 space when study and adoption was very individualized. Now she leads and grows web3 native communities across Discord, Telegram and Bunches, fostering collective education and empowerment.

After studying the history of economies while at the University of Pennsylvania, Ashley now finds herself dedicated to growing the economic power of web3 native communities backed by cryptocurrencies, what is referred to in the space as “social tokens”.

She has spent this year traveling the country using web3 conference stages as her personal classroom to educate people about this new frontier and the immense financial power of the community. She is passionate about onboarding Black and brown people to the blockchain, specifically, and ensuring that no one who looks like her is left behind.

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by Ashley Caines

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