Ayesha Selden

SpecialityMillionaire by 30
Financial Advisor and Investor

Ayesha Selden is a Certified Financial Planner, licensed securities broker, author, and investor. After receiving an undergrad degree in Economics & Marketing, she began a career as a stockbroker, in June 2000, and is still working as a private wealth advisor to a client base that spans over a dozen states.

Ayesha’s passion is disciplined investing and urban development. In addition to investments in equities, Ayesha primarily invests in real estate in marginalized areas of Philadelphia—offering quality housing in low-income communities.

Today, her private wealth advisory business is a franchise she owns and has approximately $160 million in assets under management. Ayesha also uses her social media platforms to teach the importance of group economics and the need for ownership in Black communities. Her mantras of “buy the hood”, “own some shit”, and “without economics, we have no power” can be seen in messages on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. In 2020, she wrote and distributed “Mud 2 Millions”, a quick 7-step cheat code on how to build wealth.

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