Dr. Abraham Hollist

SpecialityCEO of Optimal Health Medical Center
BiographyInspired by overcoming various life challenges and with a heart to serve and give back to his community, Dr. Abraham Hollist co-founded Optimal Health Medical Center (OHMC), a full-service health center grounded in holistic care. Through OHMC, underserved communities can receive primary care, immediate care, pharmacy services, and other ancillary services, all underneath one roof. Dr. Hollist exemplifies what perseverance, hard work and vision can provide. A native of Nigeria, he learned from an early age the value of community and entrepreneurship. At age 6 he started his very own poultry farm to support his family and upon relocating to the United States as a teenager, experienced firsthand the challenge of breaking past stereotypes to make more of himself. His goals and interests eventually led him to pursue a career in pharmacy. Dr. Hollist was motivated to open a full-service medical facility grounded in holistic care following successes with his own son’s care who was diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Sickle cell is a disease that he was all too familiar with, having experienced the death of family and friends in both Nigeria and the United States. To prevent complications with their son, Dr. Hollist and his wife educated themselves about the causes of complications and adjusted their son’s diet and lifestyle to prevent difficulties. This same approach and drive are promoted at OHMC –education, preventative care, and social support. Dr. Abraham Hollist relocated to south Florida after graduating with his Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree from Howard University College of Pharmacy. He has worked in various settings including hospital, retail, and community pharmacy, which has enabled him to gain valuable experience and multiple certifications. Presently Dr. Hollist is the CEO of Optimal Health Medical Center, President of Optimal Health Labs and a member of the South Florida chapter of 100 Black Men. He is also the CEO of ROI Integrated Solutions, a Nigerian based company that formulates innovative nutritional needs for livestock. In addition, Dr. Hollist is the Research and Development Chair of Healing Blends Global, which developed a nutritional supplement that supports the management of symptoms of sickle cell crisis. He’s previously served as a research coordinator for a study investigating the management of sickle cell disease using cyanocobalamin and folic acid in SCD patients.

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by Dr. Abraham Hollist

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