Pete Kennedy

SpecialityModerator, Author and Leadership Coach

Pete Kennedy is a leadership expert, bestselling author, and a man of exemplary character, from the island of Jamaica. He is the CEO of E.M.Y.L.L. LLC., which stands for Educating Men & Youth How to Lead & Live. E.M.Y.L.L. is a venture that focuses on the personal and professional development of individuals of all ages, using business workshops as a major delivery platform. Prior to starting his own business, Pete gathered his professional experience from various industries and fortune 500 companies such as TMobile and Wells Fargo Bank NA.

Currently, Pete serves as the Learning & Development Specialist for the #1 private airline XOJET. Pete crafted his experience in the past in industries such as banking, aviation, and hospitality, working with the wellknown Seminole Hardrock in the role of Learning and Development Manager. As CEO of E.M.Y.L.L., Pete’s role encompasses relationship building with his clients while offering leadership solutions, helping organizations to thrive, aiding in their creation of a healthy culture, and exceeding their desired expectations. He is known as the ‘Leadership Doctor’.

Pete earned a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems (CIS) and a master’s degree in educational leadership, both from DeVry University. He is a member of the leadership team of the Black Professional Networks (BPN) in Miami, FL, membership committee. A John Maxwell Leadership Team member, and the secretary for the Jamaican Men of Florida (JMOF).

Most recently Pete released his international bestselling book, ‘When A Man Loves A Lifestyle & Leadership Most Men Will Never Experience which was ranked among the top six books in four countries. Pete was also awarded a proclamation from the Broward County Commissioner, Dale V. C. Holness, signed by Mayor Steven Geller, designated June 20th as Pete Kennedy Day in Broward County for his contribution to the community as a role model and leader.

Pete’s quote is ‘Leadership is love; love is leadership’. He shares two boys with his wife Jillian.

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