Pinky Cole, Founder of Slutty Vegan

SpecialityFounder and Operator of Slutty Vegan

“Sex and Food are the two most pleasurable experiences in life. As a [former] television producer, I know what people are thinking about. . . I literally merged my experience as a television producer into the experience of being a Vegan for the last six years.” Pinky Cole

From her beginnings in a shared kitchen to a food truck to 3 locations and pandemic grand openings, Pinky Cole is building an empire as the owner and visionary of Slutty Vegan, an Atlanta based restaurant. Just two years old, the company’s revenues grew to 4 million within the first 6 months of its grand opening. With a rotating menu and a standard 2-hour wait, to pick up made to order food, Slutty Vegan is a game changer. If you think the phenomenon is only about food, you’d be greatly mistaken. Cole has hit the trifecta of community, commerce and compassion.

Serial Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, and a Veteran Television Producer, Cole pours all her love, experience and talent into a recipe for success increasing revenues this year by 15%. When restaurants are closing, Slutty Vegan opened two locations with socially distanced lines down the block. While record numbers of people are unemployed, Slutty Vegan is providing sustainable employment. Cole’s impact does not stop there. As an economic engine for the Atlanta community, Cole (in partnership with another philanthropist) has also paid rent for local businesses, paid the tuition of 30 Clark Atlanta students, and provided coats to those in need. Cole also purchased a car and life insurance of for the family of Rayshard Brooks who was slain by police in the Spring of 2020 outside an Atlanta fast-food restaurant. She is on a campaign to support the health and generational wealth of the community by encouraging Black males under a particular income threshold to get life insurance, among other initiatives.

Defying the odds is in her DNA. The daughter of Jamaican immigrants, Cole watched her mother work 4 jobs supporting their family, while serving the needs of others. Working, serving, and giving are part of her divine design. And although her father (sentenced to Federal Prison on the day she was born) was not physically present, he has provided Cole with business strategy from behind bars. One of his greatest lessons was to create your own opportunity.

Cole has done just that. She is a visual aid pointing audiences toward the direction of their dreams. As a business mogul, she has created a new curriculum – a case study in breaking the rules to turn passion into profit.

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