Vivian Olodun

SpecialityMarketing and Government Specialist
CEO of Flourish Media
Serial Entrepreneur, Micro-Influencer, and Author; Vivian Olodun is a rising star, speaking honestly with her peers about what it is like to build a business that serves the rich and famous. Vivian Olodun is the ghostwriter behind luxury real estate articles published in the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel. She co-founded a boutique marketing firm that has grown to over 6-figures in less than two years. Her nonprofit Behind The Leaf hosts Flourish Media Conference annually in Miami, FL, introducing her little-black-book of millionaires to small business owners looking for angel investors.
Unapologetically Black, she doesn’t hide her Afro-Latino & Nigerian heritage. Vivian candidly jokes about her position as an advisor to thought leaders while facing the fact that she is often the only brown girl in the room. She is professional and witty; bravely pulling back the curtain to show that if she can do it, so can you!
Vivian Olodun is a marketing consultant & owner of vivianolodun.com, a boutique marketing firm which helps mini moguls grow from a commodity to a brand so that they can demand top dollar for their services and have more leverage in their industry.
The greatest asset I have to give is the knowledge I’ve acquired working with and for billionaires. I want more business owners to have an opportunity to truly thrive in any industry.  
Vivian Olodun offers over a decade of experience working with multi-billion dollar brands. She was the Social Media Consultant to the MIAMI Association of Realtors, the Southeast Florida Marketing Director for Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, and the South Florida Business Development Manager for Garda Cash Logistics. Vivian’s consulting clients range from realtors & lawyers to manufacturers with products being sold in Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory & CVS.

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