Marlon Avery

SpecialityFounder of AImpact
BiographyMarlon, the driving force behind AImpact, stands at the nexus of artificial intelligence(AI) and human interaction. Passionate about bridging the gap between AI and people, AImpact, under Marlon's direction, offers practical training, innovative tools, and trusted advisory services. Before AImpact, Marlon led the way as the Engineering Director at Lightship Capital, where he evaluated and guided emerging startups. His influence extends to collaborations with industry giants like Uber, Udacity, and Treehouse. Ever the entrepreneur, Marlon has been instrumental in bringing to life platforms such as Rekure, the HaHa Davis app, and more recently, Wallet Clicks. With roots in dynamic locales like Atlanta, Texas, and Silicon Valley, Marlon now calls Miramar, FL home. Beyond his professional milestones, Marlon's commitment to empowering the next generation of developers is evident. He launched the NextSteps DevCon engineering conference in 2020, a testament to this dedication. Moreover, Marlon initiated the Pledge to Equality Scholarship program for Udacity courses, a significant step towards enhancing education for underserved communities. Remarkably, this initiative has granted over 10,000 scholarships in just five years, with a pronounced emphasis on supporting the Black community. Throughout his career, Marlon's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation shines brightly. He consistently demonstrates how technology, when married with purpose, can elevate human potential.

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by Marlon Avery

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