Ninio Sonthonax

SpecialityExecutive Coach, Founder of Sonthonax Group, Program Director of ProExcellence Academy
BiographyNinio Sonthonax draws upon nearly two decades of corporate expertise and various business ventures to offer a distinguished, certified coaching service. His niche lies in the implementation of the "7 Steps to Success" methodology, which encompasses essential elements such as mental health, financial acumen, empowerment, and exemplary leadership to list a few. Mr. Sonthonax, employs a holistic and data-driven approach, which has been designed to empower clients to attain peak performance across all aspects of their lives. His personal coaching services are a blend of actionable strategies meticulously crafted to cultivate harmony while optimizing success. He is unwaveringly committed to fostering personal and professional growth, and in this endeavor, he provides a secure and confidential space that facilitates transformative experiences. Ninio Sonthonax's coaching is designed to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and reach unprecedented levels of achievement in both their personal and professional lives. His unique approach has garnered recognition and success, making him a valuable resource for those seeking to elevate their performance and personal well-being. At ProExcellence which Sonthonax serves as the 2024 Program Director, we understand that leadership is a dynamic and evolving skill, and we have curated a comprehensive program that caters to the specific needs of these future decision makers.

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The Summit is put on by the Black Professionals Netwok (BPN) a 501C3 social learning organization focused on furthering the goals of our professionals. Our mission is simple – reduce the career achievemnet gap for professionals of color by providing them access to resources and opportunities for their overall success.