Rhapsodi Pierre-Jacques

SpecialitySocial-Organizational Psychologist
Rhapsodi Pierre-Jacques is a Social-Organizational psychologist and graduate of Columbia University with 15+ years of consulting and client-facing experience. She has worked as a Human Capital Senior Consultant at Deloitte where she led global change management initiatives, designed diversity & inclusion programs and executed global training programs for American Express, Dow
Jones and Marriott. She has also worked as a D&I consultant for the Coqual, formerly the Center for Talent Innovation helping craft
employee resource group (ERG) strategies and lead executive stakeholder interviews.
She also brings experience in leadership development, executive team performance and talent assessments. She is a leading project manager, skilled facilitator and certified in the Hogan Personality Assessment, Energy Leadership Index (ELI), and Leadership Versatility Index (LVI). She is also an Associate Professional Coach (ACC) as certified by the International Coaching Federation with over 200 hours of coaching experience.

Rhapsodi’s coaching practice is rooted in the framework of intersectional neurodiversity which celebrates the diversity of the human
mind and recognizes neurological differences as a social category on par with gender, ethnicity, and class. As a career transition coach, Rhapsodi helps high-achieving professionals and founders of Black and Latin backgrounds who identify as introverted, highly sensitive, and/or neurodivergent thrive in professional environments that weren’t designed with their minds in mind.

Rhapsodi’s mission is to help professionals of color get out of their heads and into new leadership positions. With Rhapsodi’s
guidance, Clients are empowered to: (1) clarify their core values and career goals, (2) identify and rectify self-sabotaging mental blocks and behaviors prohibiting them from leading more authentically, and then ultimately (3) ask for more – more money, more
power, and more respect in an emotionally compelling way.

In addition to being the founder of Career Swag Co. LLC, Rhapsodi is also the Director of Programming & Coaching Operations at
RARE Coaching & Consulting and a coach + facilitator at Mino, a membership network that provides emerging Black women leaders with professional development on their journey to becoming senior leaders.

In her free time, Rhapsodi is an avid traveler and foodie, who loves an opportunity to curl up with a good self-help book.

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