Hilmon Sorey

SpecialityInvestor and Advisor for High Growth Companies and Funds
BiographyHilmon Sorey is Co-Founder of CoachCRM sales coaching software for managers; Co-Founder of ClozeLoop, a management consulting firm based in New York, Houston, Silicon Valley, and Johannesburg; Partner in 2.12 Angels as a seed-stage venture capital firm; and author of 8 top-selling books on sales, sales management, and coaching. He's spent 25 years in Silicon Valley with 3 successful exits. He has coached and consulted high performing teams in companies that range from early-stage startups to Salesforce, Box, SurveyMonkey, Bill.com, and some of the fastest-growing companies in the world totaling over $600B in valuation and market cap. He's an award-winning trainer to more than 15,000 salespeople and over 5,000 senior executives. He is also a sought-after speaker around the globe. He's currently splitting his time between Miami and Milan, and therefore has a developed a uniquely global view on business, growth, and social culture. Audiences embrace his high-energy and passion for developing individuals and teams. He brings expertise, authenticity, transformative stories, and insider visibility into how the fastest-growing companies in the world are built.

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