Michaeljohn ‘Mj’ Green

SpecialityChief of Economic Development and Strategy, Miami DDA

Michaeljohn “MJ” Green previously served as the Deputy Director of Economic Development for Miami-Dade County.  He previously served as the Vice President of Community Development at the Dade County Federal Credit Union. Mj has He studied Management information Systems and Economics at Harris Stowe State University, he proceeded to work in grass roots organizing with Acorn but later found a home working for one the nation’s top CDFI’s in Justine Petersen. His success and passion for finance lead him to jobs at  Bank of America/Merrill lynch, JPMorgan, Well Fargo and The Bank of Montreal.  While working with the Private Wealth Team at The Bank of Montreal managing over a half a billion dollars with not one black or brown client, creating wealth in minority communities has now become his calling.

With that passion leading a Miami based Community Development Corporation and managing the CDFI seemed to be a natural fit. As fund Manager and CEO of the Community Fund of North Miami Dade, Mj started a small business lending program focused on minority entrepreneurs.   Most recently Mr. Green has help in the creation of The Rise Miami Dade Fund a which during the peak of the pandemic  lent money to over 900 business in Miami Dade  in a 6 months period helping support over 4,500 families.  Mr. Greens primary goal is to provide access to capital, equitable opportunity and financial resources to all!

As well as working to support the diverse small business community in Miami, Mj is actively engaged in communities across the country and sits on the board of the Africa Town Community Land Trust, The Lucy Project, Leadership Miami, First Place Scholars, Merit XP, MDC Small Business Enterprise, and the African American Alliance of CDFI CEO’s.

Other than being advocate for wealth in urban communities, Mj is a basketball fan, traveler and proponent of all things that help promote vibrant Communities .


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