Christin CiCi Battle

SpecialityGlobal Equity Strategist

Christin “Cici” Battle is a global equity strategist, community builder, and intentional disruptor with the north star of building a world void of systemic oppression. Cici has worked around the world building equitable people-centered organizations, programs, and workshops that center the strategically excluded —specifically Black people, women ,and girls.

Cici has served in various capacities, from nonprofit Executive Director to professor, to positions within campaigns and state government. As a fierce leader in untangling the webs of oppression, she is the creator of two inclusion frameworks: “Passion Framing, and” White Supremacy Rehab”. Most recently, she founded Frolic Culture, a movement that aims to create a society that prioritizes rest and play as a way to divest from white supremacy, to reclaim our wholeness and humanity.

Cici was recognized as US Attorney General, Preet Barbara’s , Cafe 100 Voices Changing the World, and has worked with Viacom, HBO, Ponds , and Victoria Secret and has been featured in C-SPAN, Cosmopolitan , NowTHIS , and the newly released documentary, “The Revolutionary Generation”.

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