Robert Stephens III

SpecialityCouncilman, City of Miami Gardens
BiographyCouncilman Robert L. Stephens III, South Florida Faith Leader, Change Agent, & Educator. Councilman Stephens is a graduate of Miami Dade College, North Campus and Florida International University. While attending Miami Dade College, Councilman Stephens had the wonderful opportunity to be employed with the college for six years. The experience that Councilman Stephens has gained while working at the North and Medical Campus of Miami Dade College has positioned him to higher gains in various components in higher education, financial aid, admissions, registration, recruitment, student success strategies, and student engagement. Robert is currently employed with Barry University, Biomedical Sciences Program where he continues assisting students pursue their post- secondary educational goals and provides support to Faculty. Since accepting the charge in March of 2013 as Youth and Young Adult Pastor at Logos Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Keith Butler, his life mission has become to help others find the mental strength to recognize and take advantage of every opportunity. Focusing on his true-life trials and triumphs, Councilman Stephens has been able to inspire thousands of persons to have the mental strength to overcome adversity and fear. His lifelong purpose is to cultivate responsibility, drive, focus, and unwavering courage to take action. His ultimate goal is to instill an internal drive which will inspire people who he come in contact with to attain their highest level. November 2017, Councilman Stephens became an ordained Minister of the Gospel. Post ordination, Councilman Stephens was elevated to the office of Pastor of Ministry Development at Logos Baptist Church. In this role, Councilman Stephens work collaboratively across all areas of the church to enhance the strategic capacity, increase the effectiveness, empower leaders and mobilize volunteers to serve. Robert provided direct pastoral oversight for specific ministry areas of the church, and worked with the Pastoral Team to care for, and oversee the church community as a whole. After hearing the voice of God in the summer of 2018, Councilman Stephens stepped out and gave birth to a new progressive and thriving ministry in Miami Gardens, The Grace Center. As the Lead Pastor of TGC, Robert seeks to transform the lives of adults, youth, and young adults through teaching life application of the bible and maintaining a personal relationship with their savoir. All programming, outreach initiatives, bible studies and worship services focus on assisting members, regular attendees on how to begin, maintain or enrich their personal relationship with God and to apply the Biblical principles to their everyday living. TGC strive to reach out to all people regardless of their race, creed, nationality, denomination or church affiliation. An advocate for change and progression among youth-based initiatives, Robert Stephens co- founded Change Makers Academy Inc., has served as the president of the Empowering Experience Conference for the past seven years, served on the South Florida Youth Summit Planning Committee as the Chairperson for the past four years and has dedicated his time as a board member for a number of organizations. In September 2020, Councilman Stephens was appointed to the City of Miami Gardens council to serve as an at-large councilmember. After serving a successful two year appointed term, Councilman Stephens was elected in August of 2022 to serve a four term. Council Members participate as equal members of the City Council in deliberating City business and setting policy. Robert Stephens’s key scripture in life is (Matthew 23:10-12 NIV) nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Messiah. 11 The greatest among you will be your servant. 12 For those who exalt they will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

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