Tyrone Nance

SpecialityVice President, BPN Los Angeles Chapter
BiographyTyrone Nance is a Research Organizer with over a decade of experience working in the nonprofit sector, advocating & integrating work for Skid Row Missions, mental health facilities, public schools, community resources, small businesses, and faith organizations. Tyrone received his master’s degree in Transformational Urban Leadership from Azusa Pacific University and his bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Oral Roberts University. Tyrone has organized over 500 community-led events, projects, and people throughout the city of Los Angeles County. He has experience in international relief work in developing nations, emphasizing justice, equality, and unity. Tyrone’s research experience includes conducting community-based qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method research, Focus groups, listening sessions, and town halls. His work focuses on health equity and community activations in South Los Angeles and East Los Angeles, such as weekly food and resource distributions, health and aid events, the Back 2 School Festival, and holiday season events. Tyrone is a public speaker, locally and nationally, who has dedicated his life to connecting others through transformative community engagement. Tyrone is the Founder and CEO of a nonprofit called It's Bigger Than Us, where he has impacted over 500,000 people. Tyrone is also the Lead Community Outreach Specialist, CTSI Community Engagement for USC, where he focuses on bridging the gap between academia and the community, and most recently, the Vice President of the Los Angeles Chapter of Black Professionals Network.

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The Summit is put on by the Black Professionals Netwok (BPN) a 501C3 social learning organization focused on furthering the goals of our professionals. Our mission is simple – reduce the career achievemnet gap for professionals of color by providing them access to resources and opportunities for their overall success.